vmire vonatkozóan angolul a szótárban

Összesen 25 jelentés felelt meg a keresésnek. vmire vonatkozóan angolul

vmire a kifejezésszótárban

les vmire

to lie in wait for sg

szán vmire

to mark out for sg

bukik vmire

to be sucker for sg

hajol vmire

to lean on sg

rááll vmire

to bring oneself to do sg

figyel vmire

to attend to sg
to hearken unto sg
to listen to sg
to mind
to take note of sg

számít vmire

to bargain for sg
to calculate on sg
to count on
to count upon
to expect
to figure on
to presume on sg
to reckon on
to reckon upon

felbujt vmire

to instigate to do sg

rátalál vmire

to alight on sg
to light on sg

hasonlít vmire

to suggest