megadja a császárnak, ami a császáré angolul a szótárban

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megadja a kifejezésszótárban

megadja magát

to bow
to capitulate
to cave in
to give in
to knock under
to knuckle down
to knuckle under
to lay down arms
to lower one's flag
to strike one's flag
to strike, struck
to succumb
to surrender
to throw in one's hand
to throw in the towel
to yield
to yield oneself

megadja a hangot

to intone

megadja magát vminek

to bow to sg

megadja a részleteket

to give details

megadja az okát vminek

to assign a reason to sg

megadja magát kegyelemre

to ask for quarter
to cry quarter

megadja neki ami őt illeti

to give him his due

megadja magát a kényszernek

to bow to necessity

megadja magát az erőszaknak

to bow to necessity