vkivel a kifejezésszótárban

kitol vkivel

have, had
to do a job on sy
to do sy brown
to do sy in the eye
to have, had
to put sy's nose out of joint
to take it out of sy
to take it out on sy

együtt vkivel

in common with sy
together with

hülyül vkivel

to screw around with sy

évődik vkivel

to pull sy's leg

mutyizik vkivel

to go halves with sy
to go shares with sy

összekap vkivel

have a rumpus with sy

összetűz vkivel

have a tiff with sy
to take on sy

jól kijön vkivel

to hit it off with sy

lefekszik vkivel

to go to bed with sy
to make it
to sleep with

ujjat húz vkivel

to bid defiance to sy
to hurl defiance at sy