Tematikus szószedet Health and Sport - Egészség és Sport

accident and emergency departmentfootball pitchI've been sicksoccer
ambulancegeneral practitionerI've cut myselfspectators
american footballget fitI've got a headachesport hall
archeryget injuredI've got a splitting headachestadium
Are you feeling sick?go to the chemist’sI've got flustay in bed for a few days
athleticsgo to the doctor’sice hockeysurfing
athletics trackgolf courseinfectious diseasesurgeon
basketball courthandicappedinternal medicineswimmingpool
be allergic to sghave a blood testkneestake a pill
beathave a coldlosetake one’s blood pressure
because of ill healthhave a coughmake out a prescriptiontake one’s temperature
blindhave a headachementally handicappedtake vitamin C
boxinghave a high temperaturemy back hurtsteam
captainhave a pain in your legsover the counter drugstennis
coachhave a sore throatpaediatriciantennis court
deaf have a stomach-achepainkillerto examine the patient
deaf and dumbhave a toothacheplayersto go on a diet
dentisthave fluprevention of cancerto limit energy intake
divingpoolhealthpreventive careto take sleeping pills
drawheart diseasesrefereetrain
examinehigh blood pressurerugbywarm up
fanshockey pitchrugby pitchwaterpolo
feel illhomeopathic remediesrunningwin
feel one’s pulsehorseridingsee the doctorwrestling
feel wellI feel illshe's running a feverX-ray
feetI feel sickskateboarding
fencingI'm going to be sickski slope
footballI'm not wellskiing